Packaged MABR wastewater treatment plant

Packaged MABR wastewater treatment station

The packaged MABR wastewater treatment station is a mobile small-size wastewater treatment plant taking the form of shipping containers that can be easily transported in remote areas for decentralized small-scale wastewater treatment. This is specialized for rural wastewater treatment applications such as villages, towns, off-grid commercial projects, resorts, and so on. The MABR MWWTS contains the MABR systems along with all the process units to make it a high-performance, low-energy, and efficient wastewater treatment system that can be easily deployed, connected, and immediately enter operation.


The MABR MWWTS can be customized for various processing capacities and various influent characteristics with the smallest at 5m3/day up to 180m3/day. Larger capacities can be customized specifically to our client’s needs.


Cost-saving advantages

Energy efficiency

​MABR has a high oxygen utilization rate of over 60%. Due to the high oxygen utilization rate, the aeration energy requirement is significantly less compared to conventional activated sludge systems, thereby making the system extremely energy efficient.


Ease of maintenance

After the initial setup, the operation of the system can be fully automated. The MABR membrane does not require any backwashing and is not susceptible to fouling concerns. Biofilm thickness is also controlled by an automated sparging system. The MABR WWTS can reduce sludge production by up to 50% in comparison to conventional activated sludge methods, which translates to major cost savings in sludge handling. ​


Small footprint

Due to the multiple functional layers within the biofilm whereby aerobic and active anaerobic micro-organisms co-exist within the same biofilm, nitrification and denitrification can occur simultaneously. This allows for single-stage simultaneous removal of COD and total nitrogen all in the same system, removing the need for multiple tanks.


Mobility and transportation

​The MABR mobile WWTS is compact and has a size no larger than a shipping container. All its components are contained within the casing, therefore, eliminating the need for transporting multiple rounds. It can be easily transported and stacked via trucks, trains, and ships