Surface water remediation

MABR surface water treatment module

The MABR surface water treatment system is a MABR system configuration that’s specialized for surface water treatment. The surface water treatment module enables MABR to be used directly in surface water for in-situ treatment. The MABR surface water treatment module has been proven to lead to ecosystem restoration and strengthen the waterbody's pollution resilience. 


The MABR modules are configured into a grid-like configuration to better adapt to the unique characteristics of various types of surface water such as rivers, lakes, or ponds. The frame of the module is flexible, customizable, and adaptable for any type of surface water conditions and underwater surfaces making it highly versatile.


The designed of this configuration is innovated with the unique water flow characteristics of rivers in mind. Its membrane and biofilm have high impact resistance and the biofilm is formed by native organisms, making it ecologically safe. The modules are submerged directly into the moving stream for effective in-situ treatment, therefore, reducing footprint and doesn't require additional civil construction and the natural state of the river won't be affected.​



The application of the MABR surface water treatment module significantly improves water quality demonstrated by an increase in water clarity, elimination of odors, and pollutant reduction thereby recovering highly contaminated rivers and lakes.


MABR technology has played (and continues to play) an active role in enhancing ground surface water environments by recovering river ecosystems and increasing resilience to pollution. This process and the technologies surrounding it have been utilized in water environment management in dozens of densely populated cities within China. This technology has benefited countless people and is being introduced to countries with serious water pollution concerns as it provides reliable solutions for water quality maintenance. MABR technology provides low-cost river water treatment while rebuilding the water’s ecology. It is of great social and environmental value. 


Features & Advantages 

1.The MABR aid in the re-establishment of the waterbody’s natural eco-system and tolerance against pollution.

2.The treatment process occurs through the cultivation of native bacteria and doesn’t require introducing non-native organisms into the ecosystem making it ecologically safe.

3.The MABR is highly energy efficient due to its oxygen utilization rate of over 60%. 

4.The MABR module can be deployed directly into the waterbody. The installation is simple, quick, and non-disruptive. 

5.Takes up to 2-3 weeks to clear up the black-odor waterbody while continuously improve the water quality efficiently.