Technical principle of MABR (EHBR) technology

EHBR (enhanced coupling biofilm reactor, academic name MABR, membrane aerated biofilm reactor) is a new type of sewage treatment technology that combines gas separation membrane technology and biofilm water treatment technology.

The core part of the MABR (EHBR) enhanced coupled biofilm reactor includes hollow fiber membranes and biofilms.

The biofilm grows on the outer surface of the oxygen-permeable hollow fiber membrane. The air directly supplies oxygen to the biofilm through the hollow fiber membrane. The biofilm fully contacts the sewage, and the organic matter and nitrogen contained in the sewage are adsorbed and decomposed by the biofilm to purify the sewage.

MABR (EHBR) enhanced coupling biofilm reactor is a new type of sewage treatment technology independently developed by Haizhihuang Technology, and has successfully achieved innovative applications in many fields.

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